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Where did you hear about us?

T&C's - The first 30 people to register will be accepted to join us for the launch of our exclusive event. Anyone registering after we reach capacity will be added to our waiting list for our next event in October.


the myrrh path of magdalene

A pop up temple devoted to the  divine feminine blueprint of the Myrrhbearer.


Do you long for the sacred, balancing force of the divine feminine within your life?  This stunning location next to the River Dart, is home to this experimental, offering of the Magdalene blueprint. The purpose of this container is to support participants to energetically connect to, and experience, the the Divine Feminine, expressed in the living spirit of water, palpably present in the Dart river.

exclusive to the first 30 registrants only.
June 22nd & 23rd
COworking devon, buckfastleigh.

what will i experience?

Enjoy a variety of supportive somatic, sensual and movement-based processes leading you for a moment in time, to step away from your identity constructs and enter into presence with the divine feminine archetypes of Myrrhophore:

Embodiment Practices - Somatics, Dance, Kundalini Yoga, Breathwork & Guided Visualisation  

Sacred Space & Nature Reciprocity Rituals - Indigenous Nature Mysticism, Sacred Spaceholding, Introduction to the Anointing Oils of the Myrrhophore, Sacred Geometry & Mantra

Mindfulness & Meditation - Moments of Sacred Silence, Sitting Meditation, Nature Contemplation 


Community & Connection - An opportunity to share food, relax and meet like-minded people in comfortable surroundings at the end of the Saturday session.

 Learn about the Myrrh path of the Magdalene and the living mystery traditions of Ancient Egypt.


Somatics - Subtle bodywork and movement practice emphasising internal physical perception and energetic experiences of the body.


Dance/Movement practice - Guided dance and free physical self-expression, held within a beautiful musical container.


Kundalini yoga - Kundalini is the term for a spiritual energy or life force located at the base of the spine, which is believed by adherents to be power associated with the divine feminineShakti.  Karin will lead you through some  breath-work, Mantra and movement practices, to connect you to this inner force.


Guided meditation - You will have the opportunity to experience a meditation journey in which you will be lead through various visualisations that will support you to connect intimately with the forces of nature and the earth. 


Sacred Space - Sacred spaces are intentional spaces that are carefully energetically created and held to facilitate particular archetypal experiences that are, in some significant way, different from our ordinary, every day lives. This container is specifically tailored to broker an encounter between participants and the energy of ‘Shakti’ or the Divine Feminine.


Sacred Reciprocity Rituals - Implicit within Sacred Reciprocity Rituals, is the notion that we are in relationship, whether acknowledged or not with invisible natural and archetypal forces that are in someway greater than ourselves.   These rituals are ritualised actions, usually involving some kind of spoken or unspoken prayer, that support us in brokering right relationship with these forces, through gratefully offering something back to the non-human world. In this way, we begin to heal our relationships with this unseen world.


Introduction to the Anointing Oils of the Myrrhophore - The Myrrhophore were the ‘Myrrhbearers or the 'Mistresses of the Oils.' Mary Magdalene is the most well known of the Myrrhophores, who were the faithful group of women who followed Jesus in his earthly ministry. The tradition and practices of the Myrrhophore are said to have originated from the Egyptian temples of Isis. You will be introduced to 2 of the anointing oils of the Myrrhophone - Frankincense and Myrrh.


Sacred Geometry -  You will have the opportunity to interact with, and be imprinted by, the beautiful sacred Geometry of the Solar Star, otherwise known as the Stellated Dodecahedron or solar sphere. This geometry appears to be specifically linked to the blueprint of the Myrrhophore.  Symbolically, it represents the galactic matrix of light. It is one of the 5 Platonic solids, which are the building blocks of creation.


Mantra - You will be guided into the practice of  'Sacred utterances’, specifically chosen to invoke, celebrate and give specific thanks to the divine feminine force of Shakti.


Pure Presence (Mindfulness +) and Meditation - You will be guided through a process of  anchoring of the body/ mind/spirit complex within the present moment, inviting the experience of pure presence, a state which bridges us into connection with a greater expression of self. 

why attend?

You will know that this event is for you when you feel a clear full-body “Yes!" to join us.


The container and the elements of our journey together are set with a great deal of intention, but….. in our gathering, we will be co-creating a living, breathing ceremonial experiment of reconnection to an ancient and powerful lineage of divine feminine wisdom teachings that have a VERY GREAT relevance for our times. 


I would be doing you a disservice if I pretended that I knew exactly what it will be. 


Some capacity to strap yourself in for a ride into the mystery is asked of all attendees. We cannot expect to re-member important things relating to the recovery of these blueprints, if we are unable to offer ourselves humbly, as living vessels, in service to the mystery.    With any luck, and if we do our job well enough, the spirit of the Magdalene path of the Myrrhophore will be with us, and will guide us.  


This is my prayer. 


I really hope that you will be able to join us!

Join us for a transformative weekend and sign up to stay informed about future events.

come and meet the myrrhmaid.

A pop-up temple to the Magdalene blueprint of the Myrrophore, this weekend will offer a beautiful, cosy and comfortable sacred space, to support you to deepen and heal your connection to your true self, through the lens of the Myrrophore blueprint.  The various journeys undertaken, may include  - anointment with sacred oils, gentle movement practice, yoga, silence & meditation practice, mantra, toning & breath work. Your experience will be accompanied a sublimely curated musical soundscape.  A kind of immersive energetic bath for your nervous system, body, soul and senses! 

Alongside offering an experimental container into which to invite a direct transmission from the Myrrophore, this event introduces the metaphysical principles that underpin Karin’s  coaching offering -  ‘Pure Instinctual Presence Coaching’, and so doing,  supporting participants to take a break from the busy headiness and pressures of day to day life, and resource themselves within a field of reverential presence, through facilitated encounters with the Divine Feminine imprint of the Magdalene.

A kind of cuddle or energetic bath for your nervous system, body, soul and senses!

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